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Coloured aluminum comb ideal for mane pulling and banding.

Short-toothed aluminum comb perfect for mane pulling or separating hair when braiding. Choose your favourite colour to match the rest of your brushes and make your comb easily identifiable.

  • Aluminum
  • Short-toothed
  • Ideal for mane pulling and braiding  

Item #:GRO4803
Reg. $2.30
For use after a sweaty workout or bath to scrape excess moisture off horse.

For use after a sweaty workout or bath; scrapes excess moisture off horse to prevent itchy water droplets and help the coat dry faster. Made from a durable heavy duty aluminum; one of the toughest sweatscrapers on the market.

  • Use after sweaty workout or bath
  • Scrapes excess moisture off horse
  • Prevents itchy water droplets
  • Helps coat dry faster
  • Heavy duty durable aluminum

Item #:GRO4367
Reg. $3.84

The new concept Anti-Gall Dressage Girth is fully equipped to provide your mount with a comfortable ride. 

  • Elastics on both sides
  • Anti-galling super soft material
  • Roller buckles
  • Nylon web reinforcement
  • Easily cleaned and maintained with a simple wipe off

Item #:RIE6764
Reg. $34.61
A must-have for every braiding/branding kit! Easily undoes braids or bands without damaging the mane.

A must-have for any braiding kit, this Band & Braid Cutter is great for undoing braids or bands without doing damage to the horse’s mane or tail. Whether using yarn, string or rubber bands, the Band & Braid Cutter will quickly and easily cut them out of the mane without taking any strands of precious hair with it.

  • Braiding/banding kit essential
  • Quickly and easily cut yarn, string, or rubber bands out of the mane without damage

Item #:GRO4338
Reg. $2.30

Perfect while away at a show or at home in the barn, this bandage roller makes rolling bandages quick and easy! This bandage roller may be mounted in your tack room or taken to on the road.

Item #:BAD2212
Reg. $12.30

Rubber bit guard fits all types of bits. Black, White or Brown.

Item #:BID1330
Reg. $2.30

Used primary on larger square coolers the blanket clamp secures the cooler closed at the chest. Attended use suggested.

  • Plastic tip protection
  • Steel
  • 0.8mm thick

Item #:BLD1720
Reg. $2.30
Wooden back with heavy-duty elastic strap and densely filled bristles for a deep polishing action.

The body brush is ideal for adding that extra shine and finish to your horse. The sleek black backing with strap provide a clean look to the brush. The dense bristles remove any extra dust and dirt on your horse while being soft enough to use on the face and legs. 

  • Sleek black wooden backing
  • Black back strap
  • Dense bristles

Item #:GRO1010
Reg. $5.38
Helps circulate air for odour control and maintains boot shape for longevity.

This affordable Boot Shaper set helps to maintain the original shape of tall boots. Keeping boots in an upright position allows for circulation of air for natural drying of moisture and perspiration. Excellent for prolonging the life of any tall boot!
• Easy grip handle
• Expands to fit your boots
• Unique handle for easy removal


Item #:DRD1132
Reg. $11.53

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