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Ideal for massaging product into the coat for a showring finish.

Made with real sheepskin. Ideal for massaging product into horse's coat for the ultimate showring sheen. Can also double as a tack and boot towel before your class.

  • - Real sheepskin
  • Massages product into horse's coat
  • - Doubles as a boot and tack towel
  • Item #:GRO0018
    Reg. $26.92

    Aids in the prevention of capped elbows, by keeping the horses hooves away from its elbows when lying down. Durable smooth rubber with nylon strap. Black.

    Item #:BOD2846
    Reg. $29.22
    A densley filled mis of synthetic and natural bristles for a superb polishing action.

    A densley filled mix of synthetic and natural bristles for a superb polishing action. Wide wooden back with a heavy duty elastic strap for convienience.

    Item #:GRO1006
    Reg. $23.07

    Conveniently extending feeding time and creating less waste, the Slow Hay Feeder is constructed with smaller holes in a heavy duty design that is able to hold approximately 4-5 flakes of hay.

    • Extends Feeding Time
    • Reduces Waste
    • Heavy Duty
    • Holds Approximately 4-5 flakes of Hay
    • Measures: 30” x 24”
    • Holes Measure: 1.5” x 1.5”

    Item #:STE9572
    Reg. $34.61
    Softest, kindest face brush for the sensitive skin around the eyes, ears, and muzzle.

    Gentlest, kindest face brush. Pure goat hair in a wooden back. Small and soft for cleaning the face and sensitive areas. Small size back.

    Item #:GRO4468
    Reg. $3.84
    Smaller size is light enough for the young, budding equestrian to carry around to all the ponies.

    This small grooming caddy is perfect for little hands and has an easy-to-grasp handle. Fit all your important brushes to make your horse look like a champion in this grooming caddy! Small size will easily fit into your tack trunk while still being large enough to hold all the essentials.

    • Plastic is easy to wipe and clean
    • 3 terrific colours
    • Compact size

    Brushes not included

    Item #:GRO4785
    Reg. $6.15
    Includes neoprene-lined surcingle, soft poly lunge line, and nylon lunging strap.

    This Smart Lunge set has everything you need to start training today!  This set includes a neoprene lined surcingle, soft poly lunge line and nylon lungeing strap.

    • Neoprene lined surcingle
    • Soft poly lunge line
    • Nylon lunging strap

    Item #:HOR5158
    Reg. $69.22
    Smooth pull-on bell boot. Created in durable gum rubber.

    Sturdy and durable, this set of smooth Bell Boots provide excellent coverage to help protect your horse’s heels.  Crafted out of premium quality gum rubber.

    • Smooth Bell Boot
    • Premium quality gum rubber
    • Excellent coverage
    • Velcro closure
    • Sturdy and durable

    Item #:BOB2305
    Reg. $11.53

    Get great protection with a pair of smooth bell boots with Velcro!  These top quality bell boots are styled with double closure reinforced Velcro to offer great protection and an optimal fit. Excellent to use while under saddle or during turnout. 

    • Smooth bell boots
    • Double closure reinforced Velcro® closures 
    • Suitable for under saddle or turnout

    Item #:BOB2319
    Reg. $13.84

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