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Textured rubber and fancy-stitched leather create a classic, multi-functional look.

The Mondega Rubber Reins incorporate textured rubber between fancy-stitched leather pieces for an all-in-one rein. Functionally and stylishly versatile for any type of equestrian activity, they’re perfect for the horses and riders who dabble in multiple disciplines.

  • Textured rubber
  • Fancy-stitched leather
  • Perfect for multiple disciplines

Item #:RIE6920
Reg. $84.61
Expertly crafted with solid buckle hardware, precision stitching, and exceptional attention to detail.

Finely crafted from fine leather, Mondega Stirrup Leathers feature solid buckle hardware, precision stitching and exceptional attention to detail.

  • Solid buckle hardware
  • Precision stitching

Item #:RIE6368
Reg. $107.68
Premium leather strap with durable hardware helps keep spurs secure.

Created from fine leather, the Mondega spur strap can be easily attached to your spur with durable hardware closures. The Mondega spur strap is comfortable and can fit easily over both field and paddock boots.

  • High-quality leather
  • Durable hardware closures
  • Fits comfortably over both field and paddock boots

Item #:RIE6367
Reg. $15.38

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