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Black Training Snaffel w/ Copper inlay

Item #:BIW1265
Reg. $26.92

The Bradoon Snaffle is made from stainless steel and designed to fit comfortably for use in many disciplines.

Item #:BIE2004
Reg. $19.22

Leather Braided Nose with 9" cheeks.

Item #:BIW1204
Reg. $42.30

Large D rings support the sides of the mouth while the angled, ported mouthpiece gives increased leverage. (Over a straight mouthpiece). Sizes: 5", 5 1/4", 5 3/4".

Item #:BIE0020
Reg. $46.15

Used for leading the horse, when that extra bit of control is needed. Chifney Bit Brass 5".

Item #:BIE1127
Reg. $29.22

Chifney Bit Snap 1 1/2" brass.

Item #:STN9474
Reg. $3.07

Training Snaffle with Dee Copper Mouth 7" cheeks. Size; 5".

Item #:BIW1233
Reg. $29.22

All copper bits encourage the horse to salivate and mouth the bit. Copper also feels warmer to the touch than steel. A Dee bit will give a more solid leverage then a loose ring. Racing D Snaffle with Copper Mouth. Sizes: 5".

Item #:BIE1113
Reg. $34.61

The alternating copper and stainless steel rollers act on the horses tongue to encourage play and salivation. Dee Ring Snaffle with Copper Rollers. Sizes: 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2".

Item #:BIE1136
Reg. $30.76

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