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Kong Genuis Mike DOG0210 Designed to stimulate a dog's curiosity while holding their attention. Also combats boredom and separation anxiety. Sizes: Large

Item #:DOG0210
Reg. $14.61

Kong Inflatable Cloud Collar

Item #:DOG9211
Reg. $.00

Kong Lge Air T.Ball 2pk

Item #:DOG0407
Reg. $7.68

Kong Med Air Squeek Tennis Ball 3pk

Item #:DOG0406
Reg. $6.92

Kong Puppy

Item #:DOG5666
Reg. $6.92

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone - Small

Item #:DOG6608
Reg. $8.45

Kong Sm Air Squeek Tennis Ball 3pk

Item #:DOG0404
Reg. $5.38

Perfect for stuffing in a KONG toy or for giving as a treat by itself. When stuffed in a KONG, treats will keep your dog entertained and stimulated. The outer layer consists of a tasty, chewy biscuit surrounding an irresistible, meaty chicken core. The unique chewy texture helps remove plaque and food debris, cleans teeth and freshens breath. Ziggies contain highly digestible proteins, plus natural parsley and rosemary to help tame bad breath. The dual layers and textures produce a long-lasting chewy treat that won't crack or splinter.

  • Great by itself or stuffed in a KONG
  • Outside layer is a tasty, chewy biscuit
  • Meaty chicken core
  • Chewy texture helps remove plaque and food debris
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath
  • Highly digestible proteins, natural parsley and rosemary
  • Dual layers and textures make it long-lasting

Item #:DOG0418
Reg. $10.76

Kong Squeak Air Tennis Ball 6pk

Item #:DOG8024
Reg. $11.53

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