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Adjustable stretchy nylon straps keep this soft, cozy fleece cushion in place.

Perfect for everyday comfort or additional warmth throughout the winter, the Fleece Tush Cushion is constructed with Cashel foam and fleece lining. Ideal for use in a larger saddle with its elongated design, this cushion conveniently lays over the cantle and includes adjustable nylon straps to hold the seat in place.

  • Cashel Foam
  • Fleece Lining
  • Adjustable Nylon Straps

Item #:RIW4896
Reg. $53.84
Made with the same unique closed-sell foam as the Cashel saddle pads to help with shock absorbency.

The careful engineering of the Cashel Tush Cushion helps to absorb shock and relieve tension in the hips and back, allowing you to ride comfortably for hours. The Tush Cushion is made with the same unique closed-cell foam as the popular Cashel Cushion saddle pads. Adjustable nylon straps hold your Tush Cushion in place, helping prevent sliding and shifting.

  • Helps absorb shock
  • Made with unique closed-cell foam
  • Adjustable nylon strap prevents shifting

Item #:RIW3986
Reg. $38.45

Finally a waterproof cover for riding that is designed to fit all English saddles and will even cover a large Dressage saddle. Now you can ride on those days where rain chances are questionable without having to worry about damaging your saddle.

Item #:RIE5161
Reg. $38.45

Cashel Stirrup Slipper

Item #:RIE6945
Reg. $25.38

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