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Completely outfitted for proper riding equitation in the hunter ring.

Ryan enters the hunter ring in style. He wears a collared shirt, hunt coat, breeches, tall boots, helmet and is fully articulated for proper riding equitation!

  • Attired in a collared shirt, hunt coat, breeches, tall boots and helmet
  • Fully articulated for proper riding equitation

Item #:GIF7644
Reg. $19.22
Authentic model of a Shire horse, a critically endangered breed.

This life-like model is an accurate representation of the Shire horse; a breed from the United Kingdom considered to be critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy. On average, the Shire stands 17.2-19.2hh and can weigh over 2000lbs! Originally bred for hauling large loads and agricultural work, today the Shire is commonly used for pleasure driving and showing. Outfitted with traditional plaits and flights in its mane and tail, this Shire model is ready to be a stand out work horse in a Breyer collection.

  • Bred for hauling and agricultural work
  • On average stands 17.2-19.2hh
  • Currently listed as an endangered breed
  • Approximately 12” L x 9” H

Item #:GIF7337
Reg. $46.15

The horse with the ultimate rags-to-riches story!  In 1956, riding instructor Harry de Leyer went shopping for potential school horses in Pennsylvania.  Purchased by de Leyer for $80 as he was being loaded into a van bound for the slaughterhouse, the 7-year-old gelding became a hit with his children, who dubbed him Snowman.  Showman was sold, but he kept jumping fences and returning to de Leyer's farm.  Recognizing his talent, de Leyer began training him for the show ring.  Soon, Snowman was beating the country's best jumpers everywhere he went!  Snowman also appeared on television shows!  He was the subject of two books, had his own fan club, and was flown abroad for guest appearances.  Inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame in 1992, Snowman has been made into a Breyer Horse Model to forever be remembered as a Champion!

  • Bound for the meat truck, Snowman was saved for $80
  • Snowman possessed the skills to be both a school horse teaching beginners, and an international jumping sensation
  • Subject of books, fan clubs, and made guest appearances
  • Inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame in 1992

Item #:GIF6550
Reg. $43.07
Reenact your favourite scenes from Spirit Riding Free with this Breyer Spirit model!

Breyer has brought to life Spirit from DreamWorks’ series Spirit Riding Free!  Noble, proud and unbreakable, Spirit is a wild mustang who builds a special friendship with a girl named Lucky. Spirit is 8.25incehs tall and 10inches long, and was sculpted standing proud and free. Each Breyer Traditional model toy is hand painted, so no two are exactly alike! Made for a lifetime of enjoyment, Spirit's highly-collectable model is perfect for hours of imaginative play!

  • 8.25” tall and 10” long buckskin mustang model
  • Sculpted standing proud and free

Item #:GIF7063
Reg. $49.99

Breyer Traditional Series Turn Out Fly Set

Item #:GIF6906
Reg. $11.53

Breyer Traditional Series Two-Horse Trailer II

Item #:GIF6909
Reg. $76.92
A mystical and magical addition to your Breyer collection.

Mystical and magical, Xavier the unicorn is ready to inspire the imaginations of Breyer collectors. This enchanting model brings the legend of the unicorn to life, with his soft metallic colors and spiraled horn. Sure to be a favourite of unicorn lovers and Breyer collectors alike.

  • Modelled after the magical and legendary Unicorn
  • Soft metallic colours
  • Traditional series size

Item #:GIF7016
Reg. $49.99

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