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Perfect sized for playing on the go, complete your collection with the whole Spirit cast!

Take the adventure of DreamWorks’ Spirit Riding Free! series with you on the go! This set features a 3” poseable Lucky doll and 4” Spirit model. Lucky can ride her mustang Spirit bareback and bridleless, just like on the show Spirit Riding Free!

  • 3” poseable Lucky doll and 4” Spirit model
  • Perfect size for on the go play

Item #:GIF7067
Reg. $15.38

Breyer Sprocket - Bath Time Puppy

Item #:GIF7351
Reg. $18.45

Keep your Breyer horses well fed! Finely detailed set includes an aluminum water trough, hay bale, feed bucket, feed bag, bag of feed and a feed scoop.

Item #:GIF0189
Reg. $19.22

Breyer Stablemates Colour & Activity Book

Item #:GIF5835
Reg. $4.61

Breyer Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital When animals need care, there’s only one place to take them…Breyer’s Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital! This state-of-the-art healing center includes everything that the aspiring veterinarian needs to keep animals – both large and small - healthy and happy. There’s a small animal emergency clinic, a large animal care center with exam rooms and even a grooming center for routine preventative care to keep animals at their peak. With a small paddock, sliding doors and lots of windows to let in plenty of fresh air and sunlight, this is one hospital that animals enjoy visiting. Today’s patients include a grey Stablemates Quarter Horse with her black foal, an adorable Sicilian donkey, a cute pygmy goat, a border collie and the hospital’s resident cat! Other accessories include a horse blanket, operating table, and a bandage box.

Item #:GIF6027
Reg. $42.30
Beautiful 7-stall red brick barn with fencing includes everything needed for running a busy stable.

This beautiful roomy 7-stall barn is every horse-lover’s dream! The classic red brick exterior is accented with forest green swiveling windows that open to offer your horses a breeze. Open big double doors at each end of the barn to reveal sliding stall doors and all the essential equipment needed for a running a busy riding stable. Fencing allows for turnout in between lessons. Complete with a roof that flips for easier access.

Includes: a grey Peruvian Paso, a red roan pony, 12 pieces of fencing, feed bag, water trough, hay bale, and a 5" x 7" sheet of stickers to personalize the stable.

  • Roomy 7 stall barn
  • Red brick exterior with forest green accents
  • Swiveling windows open to provide a breeze
  • Big double doors on each end
  • Roof flips open to reveal interior
  • Comes with 12 pieces of fencing, two horses, feed bag, water trough, hay bale, and stickers

Item #:GIF6877
Reg. $92.30
Bring along some farm fun wherever you go!

Bring along some farm fun wherever you go! The barn has working doors and closes up to hold everything.  The set includes barn, fencing, a black foal and a chestnut foal.

  • Portable farm fun
  • Barn with working doors
  • Closes to hold everything
  • Includes barn, fencing, a black foal and a chestnut foal

Item #:GIF7651
Reg. $13.84

Breyer Stablemates Horse Family Painting Kit Create the horse family of your dreams with this easy-to-use and fun kit! Good for beginners, yet challenging enough for more experienced painters, this set contains three Stablemates models. Conforms to ASTM D-4236 Standards

Item #:GIF6084
Reg. $9.99

Breyer Stablemates Mystery Horse Surprise

Item #:GIF7359
Reg. $3.84

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