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Legendary Hunter Mare GG Valentine won it all including Devon, The National, Washington, Harrisburg and also claimed the USEF First Year Green Hunter National Championship and many more! GG Valentine features a glossy bay coat with a white star, snip and right hind pastern. After retiring, GG became a broodmare and is here with her son, Heartbreaker who features a bay coat and hind left ankle.

  • Legendary Hunter Mare
  • Glossy Bay Coat
  • White Star, Snip and Right Hind Pastern
  • Heartbreaker – Bay Coat & Hind Left Ankle

Item #:GIF6424
Reg. $49.99
56 page colouring, activity and sticker book featuring many different breeds!

Create beautiful lifelike equestrian scenes in Breyer’s “H” is for Horse Activity Book, featuring many different breeds, from Appaloosas to Zebras! Stay entertained for hours with 56 pages of creative colouring pages, fun and challenging activity pages, and cute, decorative stickers.

  • Colouring, sticker and activity book
  • Features many breeds
  • 56 pages

Item #:GIF5233
Reg. $4.61
A colourful play set with a secure closure for on the go play!

A colourful play set including a barn, fencing, a beautiful palomino foal and a figure. Hinged loft doors and sliding front doors create a secure fit for on the go play!

  • Colourful play set
  • Includes a barn, fencing, beautiful palomino foal and a figure
  • Hinged loft doors
  • Sliding front doors

Item #:GIF7077
Reg. $16.92
Beautifully decorated stable is the ultimate barn for the horse crazy girl!

The ultimate barn for the Horse Crazy girl! This beautifully decorated barn features an attached paddock, working doors that open and close, a roof section that flips open for easy access to the interior, 2 cavalettis and an easel. Includes 1 Stablemates model. Be sure to collect all the Horse Crazy Stablemates to have the most colorful barn in town!

  • Working doors and flip open roof for easy access
  • Attaching paddock
  • Includes a Breyer Stablemates model, two cavalettis and an easel

Item #:GIF7076
Reg. $26.92

Breyer Lily - Care for Me Vet Set

Item #:GIF7350
Reg. $46.15
Pretty Appaloosa's brown markings turn pink in warm water.

When this friendly Appaloosa is done pirouetting and prancing, she hops in the bath. Surprise! Her brown markings turn pink in warm water! Includes: "perfume" squirt bottle, hairbrush, tutu and tiara.

  • The perfect bath toy
  • Brown markings turn pink in warm water
  • Includes: "perfume" squirt bottle, hairbrush, tutu and tiara

Item #:GIF7654
Reg. $18.45

Breyer Luna - Bath Time Unicorn

Item #:GIF7349
Reg. $18.45
A fun surprise pack with 18 different models to collect including the special “Treasure” horse.

Your children are in for a surprise each time they open one of the Mini Whinnies Surprise packs! 18 different horses to collect, including the special pink "Treasure" horse! This item ships blind, meaning you cannot choose which surprise model you'll get! Opened packages cannot be returned.

  • Receive a  fun surprise
  • 18 different horses to collect
  • Find the special pink “Treasure” horse

Item #:GIF7653
Reg. $3.07

As one of the most beloved horses in Children’s literature, Misty’s story is brought to life through Marguerite Henry’s novel. The novel reveals an exciting tale between a child’s love for horses and the real ponies that continue to roam the coast of Chincoteague Island off of the Virginia coast. You can read along with Misty’s story while reenacting with your model pony!

  • Novel
  • Traditional Scale Misty & Stormy

Item #:GIF6748
Reg. $34.61

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