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How to Put in a Fake Tail

Easy to use braiding hook for manes or tails.

This Pull Through Braiding Hook is great for pulling up braids in the mane or tail. It is easy to use and affordable, making it a must have item for any braiding kit.

  • Pull up braids in manes or tails
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Item #:GRO4337
    Reg. $2.30
    Conveniently comb and section off mane while braiding.

    A wide-tooth comb with a handy spring claw clip on the other side. Conveniently comb and section off mane while braiding or grooming.

    • Wide tooth comb
    • Spring claw clip
    • Conveniently section off mane while braiding and grooming

    Item #:GRO4789
    Reg. $4.61
    Three strand waxed thread, approximately 140 yards per spool.

    This three strand waxed braiding thread will help you create those perfect braids. Pure beeswax adds strength to this affordable braiding thread, making it an essential item for any braiding kit!

    • Approximately 140 yards per spool
    • 35 lb. breaking point

    Item #:GRO0008
    Reg. $12.30
    Round design helps discourage tugging and pulling, reducing damage and promoting growth.

    Gently gliding through manes and tails, this brush eliminates tugging, allowing for undamaged or broken hair. The innovative design of this brush enables multi-directional brushing and is complete with rubber tipped bristles and a soft touch grip to reduce hand fatigue.

    • Eliminates tugging
    • Allows for undamaged or broken hair
    • Innovative design
    • Rubber tipped bristles
    • Soft touch grip

    Item #:GRO4562
    Reg. $8.45
    Uniquely formulated to provide a healthy shine and make grooming easier.

    Uniquely formulated to provide a healthy shine and make grooming easier, ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler is not only an excellent horse hair detangler for snarled manes and tails, it's also incredibly versatile. Apply it over your horse's coat to repel dust and keep him clean longer. Want to easily remove burrs and debris? Spray the affected area, allow it to absorb, and burrs will slide right out. And you can apply before turnout to prevent mud from sticking.

    • 25% more free with new 1.19L bonus size
    • Contains provitamins to nourish coats and silk proteins to strengthen manes and tails and promote stronger, longer hair
    • Features light, mild scent of calming jasmine and soothing sandalwood
    • Repels dirt and dust to help horses stay cleaner longer while also helping reduce static

    Item #:STS9723
    Reg. $14.61

    After shampooing, apply a small amount to detangle. 118 ml./4 oz.

    Item #:STS9619
    Reg. $9.99
    Concentrated formula is safe for horses, humans and pets!

    Works instantly to penetrate below the surface and restore moisture while strengthening hair, resulting in a natural shine with a soft texture. Concentrated formula; only a dime-sized amount is needed and it contains no water or alcohol so it will not dry hair out.

    • Fast-acting
    • Penetrates below surface to restore moisture and strengthen
    • Results in natural shine and soft texture
    • Concentrated formula
    • Contains no water or alcohol
    • Safe for horses, humans and pets
    354 ml./12 oz.

    Item #:STS0012
    Reg. $25.38
    Includes rug hook, 2 hair clips, seam ripper, braiding comb, braiding needle and pulling comb.

    This Braiding Belt Set includes a rug hook, 2 hair clips, seam ripper, braiding comb, braiding needle and pulling comb. This Braiding Belt is perfect for the show season, as it has everything you need to make the perfect braid on your horse or pony!

    • Suede pouch
    • Adjustable nylon belt
    • Assorted colours

    Item #:GRO4377
    Reg. $19.22
    The easiest, quicket and most convenient way to band or braid your horse's mane before a show.

    An essential in every braiding or banding kit, elastics are the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to braid or band your horse’s mane for a show. Sold in a package of 500, these small but strong elastics will provide hold without extra bulk like other elastics and won’t pull out hair. On weekends with early morning classes, you can braid or band the night before and not worry about them coming undone. Or keep them on hand for ringside emergencies.

    • Quick convenience makes elastics an essential in every braiding kit
    • Will hold a braid or band without adding bulk or pulling out hair
    • Handy for ringside emergencies

    Item #:GRO4360
    Reg. $1.53

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