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How to Bath Your Horse

Deep conditions, repels dirt and fights sun fade while providing a slip-free shine.

Absorbine’s Santa Fe Conditioner is a great addition to your summer grooming kit! Santa Fe deep conditions, repels dirt and fights sun fade while providing a slip-free shine. 

  • Deep Conditions
  • Repels Dirt
  • Fight Sun Fade
  • Slip-Free Shine
  • Enriched with Silk Proteins
  • Formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol & SPF 8

Item #:STS9706
Reg. $13.84
Sulfate and paraben free formula cleans and revitalizes in one easy step.

ShowSheen® 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner deep cleans and revitalizes hair in one easy step. The sulfate and paraben-free, pH balanced formula is specially designed for a horse's sensitive skin. Pro-vitamins nourish the skin and coat and help to strengthen mane and tail hair, eliminating the need for a separate conditioner.

  • Deep cleans and revitalizes coat, mane, and tail
  • Pro-vitamins and conditioners nourish the coat
  • Sulfate-free and paraben-free

Item #:STS3522
Reg. $10.76
Its small size makes it perfectly portable for shows or bathing. Complete with galvanized fittings.

This exceptionally lightweight bucket is great for light duty around the barn.  Complete with heavy galvanized fittings, a personal pail is a barn essential today!

  • Lightweight
  • Great for light barn duty
  • Heavy galvanized fittings

Item #:STB0020
Reg. $6.15
Full coverage, ultra-absorbent and soft for use over your horses whole body.

A excellent sponge for grooming and bathing. The large size and synthetic material provides optimal water retention for bathing and grooming.

Item #:GRO4390
Reg. $1.38
Round design helps discourage tugging and pulling, reducing damage and promoting growth.

Gently gliding through manes and tails, this brush eliminates tugging, allowing for undamaged or broken hair. The innovative design of this brush enables multi-directional brushing and is complete with rubber tipped bristles and a soft touch grip to reduce hand fatigue.

  • Eliminates tugging
  • Allows for undamaged or broken hair
  • Innovative design
  • Rubber tipped bristles
  • Soft touch grip

Item #:GRO4562
Reg. $8.45
Modern mesh pattern helps keep your horse cool and stylish while ringside or after a bath.

The Shedrow Breeze Scrim is the perfect accessory for the season!  Throw on after bathing to detract dust and flies or during the show to keep your horse cool and relaxed.  Velcro front closure and tail string hold the sheet in place.  Subtle mesh pattern completes the look.

  • After bathing or detract dust and flies
  • Velcro front closure
  • Tail string
  • Subtle mesh pattern

Item #:BLC3041
Reg. $34.61
Bathing essentials conveniently sold together to help keep your mount squeaky clean.

The Supra Squeaky Clean Wash Kit will have your mount looking fantastic for any occasion!  Complete with a sweat scraper, sponge, jelly scrubber and micro fiber wash mitt, this kit has everything you need to keep your mount looking magnificent every day!

  • Sweat scraper
  • Sponge
  • Jelly scrubber
  • Micro fiber wash mitt

Item #:GRO4784
Reg. $9.99
Conditions the coat and helps to prevent tangles and static in a continuous-spray can.

Absorbine Showsheen is the original hair polish and detangler that has added Pro-Vitamins to nourish the coat and Sillk Proteins to strengthen the mane and tail hair. The unique formula provides the horse owner with an unsurpassed multi-purpose grooming aid. Showsheen coats each shaft of hair to keep manes and tails tangle free, while its conditioning action reduces static, leaving the coat smooth and sleek.  Absorbine Showsheen repels dirt, dust and stains keeping your horse cleaner for longer. Use of this product can reduce grooming time by up to 80%.  The Finishing Mist is Showsheen in a can that provides a continuous spray from a bag of product held within. Providing quick and even coverage this non-aerosol spray can even be used upside down.

  • Hair polish and detangler
  • Added vitamins and proteins
  • Reduces static
  • Repels dirt, dust and stains
  • Continuous spray
  • Can be used upside down

Item #:STS0222
Reg. $10.76
Revolutionary grooming gloves can be used wet or dry for an enhanced grooming experience.

Revolutionary grooming gloves can be used wet or dry for an enhanced grooming experience. Feature a five-finger design, a flexible palm with scrubbing nodules, and a Velcro tab at the wrist for a secure fit. Soft and flexible grooming gloves can be used dry to loosen dirt and excess hair from your horse’s coat. Tactile touch gently cleans sensitive areas like legs, faces, ears and tight body contours. As dirt and hair accumulates, simply flick your wrist to shake it off and then return to grooming. Also excellent for bathing as it is easy pick up hoses, buckets and bottles as you bathe while keeping your hands and nails completely clean. Thanks to the nodules on the gloves, you can easily work shampoos and conditioners into your horse’s coat.

  • Five finger design with Velcro at the wrist
  • Easily pick up buckets, hoses, bottles and more
  • Flexible palm with scrubbing nodules
  • Gentle on sensitive areas
  • Flexibility allows you to clean tight body contours
  • Ideal for lathering shampoos and working in conditioners
  • Also suitable for use on dogs and cats

Item #:GRO4814
Reg. $30.76

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