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Stylish, comfortable polo is a must have for your spring or summer wardrobe.

The Aerion Polo Package includes a choice of two Aerion Pique Polo Shirts.

Item #:PKG0098
Reg. $30.76
Includes safety vest, full seat breeches, a polo & a medical information arm band.
Item #:PKG0109
Reg. $306.92
Everything you need from A to F to look sharp for your first dressage test.

The Dressage Show Package has all your dressage show essentials available in a convenient package to save you money! Whether you are a junior rider or a seasoned pro, this package has everything you need to get show ring ready. Package includes :

  • DRD0971 - Bib Front Stock Tie
  • DRB7943 - Auken Ravenna Field Boots
  • JEW1270 - Coach House Show Horse Stock Pin
  • DRC0492 - Elation All Purpose Summer Gloves
  • DRC7584 - Elation Platinum Full Seat Breeches
  • DRC6935 - Elation Platinum Show Jacket
  • DRC7594 - Elation Platinum Wrap Collar Show Shirt

Item #:DRC0421
Reg. $345.38
Includes Biotin & Zinc supplement, epsom salts, hoof packing, flexwrap, and hoof-shaped pad.
Item #:PKG0111
Reg. $76.92
A jumper boot package designed specifically for ponies.

The Shedrow Jumper Boot Pony Package includes the Shedrow Open Front Pony Boots and Shedrow Open Front Pony Ankle Boots at a conveniently low price. This boot package is perfect for any rider looking for a fantastic front and back boot combination, sized specifically for a pony to wear during daily exercise and competition. Packages includes the following items (colour choices available):

  • Shedrow Open Front Pony Boots (BOE0033)
  • Shedrow Open Front Pony Ankle Boots (BOE0034)
  • Available in multiple colour options
  • Velcro closures

Item #:PKG0035
Reg. $46.15
A selection of carrying bags for all your show essentials!

Shedrow's Show Luggage Package is perfect for those who are showing or want a solution to keeping their equipment in great condition, all in one budget friendly package! This package will keep all your show essentials protected and organized while travelling to and from shows, but can also be used as everyday carrying bags. Package includes the following items (colour choices may be available at checkout):

  • DRD1076 - Shedrow Boot Bag
  • DRD1075 - Shedrow Bridle Bag
  • DRD1067 - Shedrow Duffel Bag
  • DRD1066 - Shedrow Garment Bag

Item #:DRD1113
Reg. $92.30
Includes garment bag, boot bag, helmet bag, and duffel bag.

The Show Apparel Luggage Package includes all of the following:


Item #:PKG0081
Reg. $76.92
Includes choice of select saddle cover, choice of bridle or headstall bag, grooming tote, and duffel bag.

The Tack Luggage Package includes all of the following:


Item #:PKG0082
Reg. $107.68

This package is perfect for hitting the trails!  Includes:

  • Supra Felt Lined Cinch
  • Reinsman Cut Back Saddle Pad
  • Western Saddle Cover
  • Supra Synthetic Western Saddle
  • Weaver Nylon Browband Headstall
  • Weaver Poly Roper Reins - 3/8 inch

Item #:PKG0002
Reg. $337.69

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