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All tools needed for keeping your horse's coat gleaming, organized into a cute and portable tote.

Conveniently packaged and priced, the Grooming Gift package is one of our best sellers. Offering equestrians a variety of grooming tools included in a handy Shedrow ring tote will ensure you keep all of your tools together and tidy. Package includes:

  • GRO1020  - Ring Tote
  • GRO1000 - Supra Large Dandy (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4333 - Finishing Brush
  • GRO4350 - Plastic Curry
  • GRO4388 - Harness Sponge
  • GRO0016 - Jelly Scrubber (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4380 - Vinyl Hoof Pick (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4349 - Mane Comb (Assorted Colours)
  • GRO4366 - Shedding Blade
  • GRO4468 - Goat Hair Face Brush Please note, GRO4468 is currently out of stock and being substituted by GRO4567 - Supra Soft Touch Face Brush

Item #:GRO4515
Reg. $43.38     SALE: $23.07
A waist-down package of riding apparel essentials.

Developed for rider’s that require breeches, paddock boots and half chaps for weekly lessons or riding. The breeches and half chaps are available in an array of colours and sizes for an optimal look and fit while riding and working around the barn. Package includes the following items (some colour and size choices available at checkout):

  • DRC1702 – Auken Leather Half Chaps
  • FTW0009 – Auken Sport II Paddock Boots
  • DRC7577 – Elation Red Label Euro Seat Breeches

Item #:PKG0006
Reg. $223.05     SALE: $130.76
An essential junior grooming set, designed for small hands!

Created for the junior equestrian, this package offers 6 grooming tools sized right for smaller hands. Complete with all of the essential grooming tools and a grooming caddy to keep all of your belongings together between uses. Package includes the following items (some colour choices may be available at checkout):

  • Supra Junior Body Brush (GRO1012)
  • Supra Junior Dandy Brush (GRO1011)
  • Supra Mini Rubber Curry Comb (GRO4449)
  • Supra Plastic Mane Comb (GRO4349)
  • Supra Small Grooming Caddy (GRO4785)
  • Supra Soft Touch Hoof Pick (GRO2008)

Item #:GRO4519
Reg. $20.95     SALE: $13.07
Everything your child needs for their first short-stirrup show.

Developed for the junior competitor, the Junior Show Package ensures you will be looking your best for competition. Created with all of the key pieces required for junior competition, including Jodhpurs and Jodhpur knee straps, this package ensures you will look your best. Package includes (size options available at checkout):

  • Auken Nouvelle II Zip Paddock Boots (FTW0012)
  • Elation All Purpose Summer Gloves (DRC0492)
  • Elation Platinum Show Jacket - Kids'(DRC6936)
  • Elation Platinum Wrap Collar Show Shirt (DRC7595)
  • Elation Red Label Jodhpur (DRC7580)
  • Val du Bois Leather Jodhpur Knee Straps (DRC6878)

*Helmet NOT included.

Item #:PKG0039
Reg. $265.34     SALE: $206.93
Includes lightweight breeches, a technical sunshirt, and gloves for summer riding.
Item #:PKG0108
Reg. $138.44     SALE: $99.99
Includes lightweight breeches, a technical sunshirt, and gloves for summer riding.
Item #:PKG0107
Reg. $157.67     SALE: $107.68
All the essentials of lunging including a lunge line, lunge whip and cavesson.

Our Lunging package offers all of the components required to lunge for either training or exercise. Offering you all of the proper tools at one conveniently low price, this package includes the following (come colour choices available at checkout):

Item #:PKG0009
Reg. $66.90     SALE: $49.99
Includes a lunge line, lunge whip, nylon training surcingle, and the Mondega Lunging System.
Item #:PKG0068
Reg. $197.66     SALE: $146.15
A jumper boot package at one low price!

The Shedrow Jumper Boot Package includes the Shedrow Open Front Boots and Shedrow Open Front Ankle Boots at a conveniently low price. This boot package is perfect for any rider looking for a fantastic front and back boot combination to wear during daily exercise and competition. Packages includes the following items (colour choices available):

  • Shedrow Open Front Boots (BOE0031)
  • Shedrow Open Front Ankle Boots (BOE0032)
  • Available in multiple colour options
  • Velcro closures

Item #:PKG0034
Reg. $75.37     SALE: $46.15

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