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Dressage girth with detachable neoprene liner is ventilated for heat and moisture to escape.

Providing comfort to your horse while performing, this girth features a ventilated, non-slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse while allowing heat and moisture to escape, allowing your horse to remain cool. The detachable neoprene liner detaches from the webbing for easy washing. Ideal for Dressage or mono flap saddles.

  • Ventilated
  • Non- Slip Neoprene Liner
  • Conforms to your Horse
  • Breathable
  • Detachable for Easy Washing

Item #:RIE6783
Reg. $99.99
Durable TPU outer shell with removable VenTECH neoprene liner and triple elastic ends.

The Professional's Choice SMx VenTECH Contoured Jump Girth unites attractive appeal with technical materials for the ultimate in performance! A high-quality, durable TPU outer shell combined with the VenTECH™ neoprene liner provides ventilated, non-slip comfort for your hard-working horse. This removable neoprene liner can be peeled away, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance without compromising style. Triple elastic ends help evenly distribute pressure and allow for easy adjustments as needed. A convenient carabineer clip at the center allows for easy attachment of training tools, while stainless steel hardware makes rusting a worry of the past. With a polished look, easy care design, and comfortable, non-slip protection, this girth is ready to take you from schooling to the show ring!

  • Durable TPU Outer Shell
  • Removable VenTECH™ Neoprene Liner - Easy Cleaning!
  • Liner Allows Air Flow and Provides Non-Slip Grip
  • Triple Elastic Ends
  • Center Carabineer Clip for Quick Attachment of Training Tools

Item #:RIE6953
Reg. $123.07
Merino-wool lined girth offers unsurpassed comfort and durability

Heavy-duty webbing with non-chafing, moisture-wicking 100% merino wool lining next to the horse's skin provides remarkable comfort. Complete with rust-resistant stainless steel hardware, including reinforced center D-rings, and a convenient roller buckle for easy adjustments. Merino wool lining is removable and washable for easy cleaning.

  • Removable 100% merino wool lining
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Reinforced center D-rings
  • Hand wash only

Item #:RIW4907
Reg. $68.45
Western cinch with detachable neoprene liner is ventilated for maximum comfort.

Constructed for equine comfort, the VenTech Western Cinch features a ventilated non-slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse. Allowing heat and moisture to escape, the Ventech Western Cinch keeps your horse cool throughout their performance. Complete with a detachable neoprene liner for easy washing.

  • Ventilated
  • Non-Slip
  • Detachable Liner
  • Allows Heat & Moisture to Escape
  • Easy to Wash

Item #:RIW4897
Reg. $76.92
English girth features a detachable neoprene liner, complete with wool trim for additional comfort.

The VenTech Combo Girth provides comfort and technology through a ventilated, non- slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse, allowing heat and moisture to escape. Featuring a detachable neoprene liner that detaches from webbing for easy hand washing, this girth is perfect for dressage and monoflap saddles. The non- slip bottom allows for comfort and security and the fleece edging provides a show ring appearance.

  • Ventilated Non-Slip Neoprene Liner
  • Conforms to Your Horse
  • Allows Heat and Moisture to Escape
  • Detachable Liner
  • Hand Washable
  • Fleece Edging

Item #:RIE6803
Reg. $111.53
English girth with detachable neoprene liner is ventilated for heat and moisture to escape.

SMX VenTECH Girths are the new standard for equine comfort and technology with all the premium features you expect from a Professional Choice product.  The trade marked VenTECH technology features a ventilated limestone-based, non-slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape and keeps your horse cool, comfortable and performing at its best.  Detachable neoprene liner peels away from webbing for easy washing.

  • VenTECH technology
  • Ventilated limestone-based non-slip neoprene liner
  • Detachable neoprene liner for easy washing

Item #:RIE6786
Reg. $99.99

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