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Winter Dog Walks

Stay visible in the fluorescent Shedrow K9 Viking Vest with 3M reflective detailing.

Stay visible! The Shedrow K9 Viking Reflective Vest is great for outdoor adventures with your dogs, featuring highly visible with 3M reflective detailing and florescent colouring. Complete with Velcro closures for easy adjustment to fit any type of dog. Extremely lightweight, ideal for long walks, hikes, or evening strolls.

  • Great for Sports, Hunting, Hiking, Evening Walks and More
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Reflective Padding
  • Florescent
  • Highly-Visible
  • Velcro Closures
  • Easy to Adjust

Item #:DOG6497
Reg. $15.38
Fleece lined to help keep paws warm and cozy in cold weather. Available in a range of sizes.

The fleece lined Muttluks feature a soft inner lining which keeps paws warm and cozy in cold weather conditions.  The self-tightening straps provide a secure fit.  Reflective straps throughout provide visibility in low light.  The genuine leather soles provide a soft flexible fit, and the adjustable stretchy leg cuffs provide added comfort for long wear.  These boots are machine washable, and come with a cloth mesh packaging for storage and washing.

  • Fleece lined
  • Soft inner lining
  • Self-tightening straps
  • Reflective straps
  • Genuine leather soles
  • Stretchy leg cuffs
  • Machine washable

Item #:DOG5045
Reg. $39.99
Inner fleece lining and flexible rubber soles help keep your pooch's paws safe and warm during winter walks.

Perfect for snow season, the Muttluks Snow Mushers will help keep your dog’s paws protected! Constructed from 100% recycled rubber, the Snow Mushers are soft on paws and tough on terrain and feature a breathable microfibre outer with an inner fleece lining and flexible rubber soles for additional grip while walking. The self-tightening double wrap secure fastening system and elastic soft cinch fastening allow for a secure fit and extra-large opening provides easy on and off. Complete with reflective detailing for nighttime visibility.

  • 100% Recycled Rubber
  • Breathable Microfibre
  • Fleece Lining
  • Rubber Soles
  • Self-Tightening Double Wrap Secure Fastening System
  • Elastic Soft Cinch Fastening
  • Extra-Large Opening
  • Reflective Detailing
  • “Barefoot” Technology

Item #:DOG6624
Reg. $36.92
Natural-feeling rubber boots help shield paws from harsh conditions.

Natural-feeling rubber boot ideal in the winter to help shield sensitive paws from ice, salt, and street chemicals as well as in summer weather as a layer against hot pavement, sand and trails. Helps prevent pets from ingesting dangerous elements that can accumulate on their paws during a walk. Also helpful with traction control inside the house on hard floors. Made of 100% biodegradable rubber, these boots are waterproof, reusable, and disposable without harming the environment. 12 boots per package.

  • Provides a shield from all kinds of weather, chemicals, allergens and mud
  • Helps prevent pets from ingesting dangerous elements that can  accumulate on their paws during walks
  • Helpful with traction control inside the house
  • Made of 100% biodegradable rubber
  • Waterproof, reusable, and disposable
  • 12 boots per package

Item #:DOG6628
Reg. $16.15

This is a boot for all seasons to keep your canine warm and dry!

  • Disposable
  • Reusable 
  • Waterproof dog boot
  • Made of natural rubber
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Easy to put on your canine
  • Securely fit without zippers or straps

Item #:DOG0229
Reg. $19.99
Provides traction and shields paws from heat, cold and debris for your pet indoors and outdoors.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor wear, providing traction while shielding your dog’s paws. Anti-slip coating helps enhance grip and creates a barrier between paws and hot pavement, salt, debris and other outdoor irritants. Also provides elderly dogs with the traction needed to maintain mobility. Also great for keeping claws off hardwood floors and leather seats. Comes in a set of 4 – 1 for each paw! Machine washable.

  • Can be worn indoor or outdoor
  • Anti-slip coating helps enhance grip
  • Shields paws from hot pavement, salt, debris and other outdoor irritants
  • Provides elderly dogs with traction needed to maintain mobility
  • Keeps claws off hardwood floors and leather seats
  • Protects sensitive paws
  • Comes in a set of 4
  • Machine washable

Item #:DOG7758
Reg. $13.84
Avoid a muddy undercarriage and messy floors with reflective and waterproof dog pants.

Rain + Mud = One Dirty Dog. Introducing the solution to a muddy undercarriage and muddy legs after rainy spring or snowy winter walks. Thin enough for milder weather, the Bodyguard covers the essentials and easily fastens with adjustable buckles. It features a cut out for your dog to do their business, while the rest of the suit covers the chest, stomach and legs and works to help prevent those snowballs that build in their coat during snowy romps. The waterproof material is easy to rinse and clean after everyday use and can also be machine-washed. Complete with reflective accents for nighttime visibility.

  • Thin enough to wear in mild weather
  • Waterproof material is easy to rinse and clean
  • Adjustable straps to fit most dogs
  • Easily worn underneath raincoats or parkas
  • Reflective accents for safety
  • Machine washable
  • Protects legs and chest from rain, mud and snow

Item #:DOG7985
Reg. $36.92
Poo bag dispenser made of fully recycled plastic, complete with a carabiner hook and lock.

Made of fully recycled plastic, the sturdy Define Planet Poo Bag Dispenser can withstand a few chews from an excited pup. It comes equipped with a strong carabiner hook and lock, large enough to be attached to any kind of leash or collar in case your pup is doing the carrying. Secure screw-on bottom allows for easy refilling and won’t get lost during those long walks.

  • Made of fully recycled plastic
  • Strong carabiner hook and lock attaches to any collar or leash
  • Screw-on bottom for easy refilling

Item #:DOG8471
Reg. $2.30
Convenient dispenser for your favourite Poopy Packs.

A Poopy Pack’s best friend, the Poopcase is the convenient dispenser for your favourite design of the Poopy Packs. A durable, plant-based dispenser with a carabiner clip for easy attachment to any leash or collar, saving the hassle of carrying plastic bags. Includes one roll of 20 designer Poopy Packs.

  • Durable
  • Plant-based
  • Carabiner clip for easy attachment
  • Saves the hassle of carrying plastic bags
  • Includes one roll of 20 designer Poopy Packs

Item #:DOG7832
Reg. $15.38

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