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Hollow curb bit designed for use with a Weymouth or double bridle.

The Metalab Weymouth Mullen Mouth Bit is a durable stainless steel hollow curb bit designed for use in conjunction with a Weymouth or double bridle. Featuring a curved mouthpiece and includes a curb chain. Helps to provide additional leverage to encourage your horse to bend at the poll.

  • Hollow curb bit
  • Curved mullen mouthpiece
  • Stainless steel
  • Designed to be used with a Weymouth or double bridle
  • Curb chain included

Item #:BIE2006
Reg. $34.61
Designed for the miniature horse, the mullen mouth bit’s half cheeks help keep the bit in place.

Created with the miniature horse in mind! Designed with a half cheek to aid in keeping the bit from sliding down and a mullen mouth to help prevent independent action on either side of the mouth.

  • Half cheek
  • Mullen mouth bit
  • Helps prevent the bit from sliding or moving
  • Helps prevent independent action on either side of the mouth

Item #:BIE2073
Reg. $9.22

Great for horses that just need some guidance around the turn or does not like the bit in their mouth; the hackamore provides a side pull action that allows your horse to work with a small amount of lift. The rubber-covered metal nose piece provides balance on the horse’s nose for additional control.

  • Provides a Small Amount of Lift
  • Rubber Covered Metal Nose Piece
  • Provides Balance on the Horses Nose
  • Provides Additional Control
  • Top of the Cheek Ring to the Middle of the Bottom Ring 8”
  • 11” Rubber Nose Band

Item #:BIW2188
Reg. $123.07
Soft, rubber-covered mouthpiece complete with gag-style cheeks.

Created in durable stainless steel and covered in a soft rubber for enhanced comfort, the Rubber Gag Bit is complete with gag-style cheeks. The soft rubber helps encourage the horse to chew and salivate while the single-jointed mouthpiece produces a nutcracker action, applying pressure to the tongue, palate and bars of the mouth.

  • Soft rubber for enhanced comfort
  • Durable stainless steel core
  • Gag-style cheeks
  • Single-joint mouthpiece

Item #:BIE2069
Reg. $57.68

This black steel curb bit features a 5 inch sweet iron medium port mouth and 7 inch cheeks.

Item #:BIW1245
Reg. $53.84

This oiled snaffle features a loose ring construction to be soft on your mount's mouth.

Item #:BIW1249
Reg. $7.68

A very nice gag shank that has good control with a very smooth gag action. This is an excellent bit whether training or competing. 

Item #:BIW1255
Reg. $38.45

The Offset D Snaffle bit gives a slightly stronger signal than the ring snaffle because the area of contact on the mouth is wider than a ring snaffle. This is a great bit to start your young horse in. 

Item #:BIW1252
Reg. $32.30

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