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Item #:BIE0012
Reg. $42.30

This rubber covered bit is softer in the mouth and combines the functions of a snaffle and a curb. The shanks are shorter than a regular Pelham, and apply pressure to the poll while adding leverage for flexion. 

  • Rubber Covered
  • Softer in the Mouth
  • Shorter Shanks
  • Applies Pressure to the Poll
  • Adds Leverage for Flexion

Item #:BIE1186
Reg. $42.30

The mouthpiece on this bit is straight and works off leverage. It can be used with one rein or two. The rubber is soft and gentle on your horse's mouth.

Item #:BIE1130
Reg. $42.30

Colt Breaking Bit with 6 1/2" Cheeks. Sizes; 5".

Item #:BIW1229
Reg. $26.92

Training Bit with copper & stainless steel rollers. Size; 5".

Item #:BIW1210
Reg. $30.76

SS Training Bit w/ copper inlay

Item #:BIW1266
Reg. $30.76

Copper Roller Training Pelham 7" cheeks, 2" thick copper roller in the middle. Sizes; 5".

Item #:BIW1212
Reg. $42.30

Loose rings slide freely through the twisted wire with double jointed copper roller mouth piece. Sizes; 5".

Item #:BIW0004
Reg. $23.07

A multi-functional bit that works either on the tongue or the chin and poll depending on the placement of the reins. Made of stainless steel for long lasting durability. Kimberwick Uxeter with Low Port. Sizes; 4", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", 6".

Item #:BIE1156
Reg. $36.92

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