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30% off Connemara/Val du Bois/Mondega tack

Sold in a pair, bit loops keep a full cheek bit in position.

Keeps full cheek bit in position. Black or Brown. Pair.

Item #:BID1343
Reg. $3.84     SALE: $3.07
A classy leather lead upgrades your beautiful leather halter.

Exquisite, supple 7’ long leather lead with a 24” brass chain, finely stitched with much attention paid to detail. Upgrade your everyday equipment or show off at a show.

  • 7’ long leather lead
  • 24” brass chain
  • Finely stitched

Item #:HAL4882
Reg. $38.45     SALE: $23.07

Connemara Adjustable Breastplate Exquisite crafsmanship and attention to detail with raised leather and accent white stitching.

Item #:RIE5175
Reg. $38.45     SALE: $30.76
Adjustable anti-cast roller measures 25" from buckle to buckle to accomodate most shapes and sizes.

To prevent your horse from becoming cast in the stall, this all leather anti cast roller offers safety for your horse with an adjustable under-strap to fit most shapes. Brown with brass buckles. Measures 25 inches from buckle to buckle.

  • Prevent horse from becoming cast
  • All leather
  • Adjustable under-strap
  • Bronze buckles
  • 25 inches from buckle to buckle

Item #:HOR5054
Reg. $92.30     SALE: $73.84

A simple aid that helps to correct head carriage while encouraging the effective use of the back. Fully adjustable for the perfect fit with a durable elastic construction for a give and take feel.

Item #:RIE3620
Reg. $13.84     SALE: $11.07
Durable reinforced cotton weave reins with rubber stoppers offer fantastic grip.

These durable Connemara Cotton Web Reins are great for every day training or in the ring.  Made of strong cotton weaving reinforced throughout, these are a great rein for every day use.

  • Cotton web reins
  • Strong cotton weaving
  • Reinforced throughout

Item #:RIE5185
Reg. $23.07     SALE: $18.45
European Loose Flash created from soft and supple English bridle leather can easily be fitted to any bridle.

Created from soft and supple English bridle leather, the Connemara Loose Flash can quickly and easily be fitted to any bridle. Complete with a sturdy buckle and keeper.

  • Soft and supple English bridle leather
  • Quickly and easily affix to any bridle
  • Sturdy buckle with keeper

Item #:RIE5177
Reg. $15.38     SALE: $12.30
3/8" inch leather curb reins with hook studs at the bit and a buckle at the end.

Classically styled ⅜ inch flat curb reins complete with hook studs at the bit and a buckle at the end.

  • Classic look
  • ⅜ inch flat leather
  • Hook studs at the bit
  • Buckle at the end

Item #:RIE5186
Reg. $26.92     SALE: $21.53
Soft, supple reins laced for enhanced grip maintain a traditional show ring look.

Crafted from soft, supple leather, Connemara Laced Reins feel soft in your hands. Lacing maintains a traditional look while offering enhanced grip. Deep, rich colour and contrast stitching add a touch of elegance to these functional reins, suiting them to both showing and schooling.

  • Soft and supple leather
  • Rich colour
  • Contrast stitching
  • Laced

Item #:RIE5183
Reg. $30.76     SALE: $24.61

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