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30% off Supra Halters

Classic nylon halter complete with single-ply leather crownpiece that easily breaks under pressure.

This Leather Crown Nylon Halter is the perfect general purpose breakaway nylon halter. This halter is a great alternative to a leather halter for turnout. With its single-ply leather crown, it is more likely to break under pressure, keeping your horse safer from injury.

  • Single-ply leather crown
  • Adjustable crown strap
  • Snap closure at the throat

Item #:HAH4749
Reg. $23.07
Limited edition halter with unique rose gold hardware and sheepskin-like fleece lining.

Treat your horse to the ultimate in comfort. The limited edition Supra Camden Halter comes in a beautiful navy colour and is lined with ultra-soft and comfy sheepskin-lined fleece.  Unique rose gold hardware adds a trendy, classy touch and a completely adjustable crown and nose offers a more customizable fit.

  • Unique rose gold hardware
  • Classic navy colour
  • Lined with sheepskin-like fleece
  • Adjustable crown and nose

Item #:HAH4915
Reg. $19.22     SALE: $9.62

Made specifically for the quick growing foals our supra foal halter is made of the same quality lightweight nylon as our deluxe halter and is fully adjustable at the crown, nose and throat. Black.

Item #:HAH0005
Reg. $15.38

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