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Riding Crop with rubber grip handle. Black. 30".

Item #:DRG0876
Reg. $9.99
25" comes in a variety of colours.

25" comes in a variety of colours.

Item #:DRG0830
Reg. $9.99

Supra Dressage Whip

Item #:DRG0889
Reg. $11.53

This whip is made of a woven nylon thread covering a fiberglass center. The handle is wrapped in polyurethane with a Ferrule molded cap that is nickel plated. Stylish and suitable for top dressage barns.

  • Woven nylon thread
  • Fibreglass center
  • Polyurethane handle
  • Ferrule molded cap

Item #:DRG1204
Reg. $15.38

This whip is designed specifically with comfort and style in mind. Comes in fun and unique colours to show off added flare while schooling. Gel handle conforms to your hand and cuts down on fatigue. Complete with silver cap.

  • Comfortable and easy to hold
  • Gel handle
  • Silver cap

Item #:DRG1203
Reg. $15.38
Lunge Whip 1 piece with PVC handle. 5' with 5' lash.

Lunge Whip 1 piece with PVC handle. 5' with 5' lash. Black, Hunter Green and Navy Blue. ** Please note that this oversized item is subject to an additional $8.00 shipping charge. **

Item #:DRG0851
Reg. $11.53
Brightly coloured crop with rubber grip handle and silver mushroom cap.

The perfect crop for riders crazy for colour. Bright neon colours stand out in the ring and contrast against arena dirt making the Supra Neon Crop easy to find and hard to forget. Complete with rubber grip handle, silver mushroom cap and detailing.

  • Bright neon colours
  • Easy to find in arena dirt
  • Rubber grip handle
  • Silver mushroom cap and detailing

Item #:DRG1217
Reg. $11.53

This plastic whip holder attaches easily to the wall with screws and can hold numerous sizes and lengths of whips.

  • Attaches easily to the wall
  • Hold numerous sizes and length of whips



Item #:DRG0902
Reg. $3.84

Rainbow Crop

Item #:DRG0700
Reg. $11.53

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