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Designed just for horse muzzles to quickly and quietly remove whiskers.

Designed just for horse muzzles, the Supra Horse Shaver razor blade with comfortable plastic handle quickly and quietly removes long whiskers to create a show-ring ready shave. Easy to use and hygienic complete with a premium quality stainless steel blade and contoured handle allowing for a firm grip for easy use.

  • Designed just for horse muzzles
  • Quickly and quietly removes whiskers
  • Premium quality stainless steel blade
  • Contoured plastic handle allows for a firm grip

Item #:GRO4809
Reg. $2.30
Short rubber teeth loosen dirt and hair while offering a nice massage.

This curry comb is created from rubber with short teeth on the underside allowing you to conveniently and easily slide your hand into the upper hand portion. When used early in the grooming process, this comb can help loosen dirt, hair and other debris on the horse's body as well as stimulate the skin to produce natural oils. Use the plastic curry comb in a circular motion to loosen embedded material. The jelly curry comb may be used on the legs and face gently due to its softer appeal.

  • Plastic Jelly
  • Short Teeth
  • Loosens Dirt, Hair and Debris

Item #:GRO4771
Reg. $3.07
Multi-purpose; helps shed out winter coats, waterproof for bathing, gentle on sensitive areas.

This versatile grooming mitt will help shed your horse’s coat out in the winter, scrub shampoo during bath time, loosen dirt and debris even on sensitive areas, create a mirror-like finish, and beyond! Larger nodules massage the coat and easily pick up layers of unwanted hair. Unlike a regular curry comb, the hair won’t get stuck in teeth; easily knock off dirt and hair as needed to avoid simply spreading it around. The softer, smaller nodules are perfect for removing caked-on dirt on legs and joints and can also be used after currying to brush the coat back in its natural direction, creating a mirror-like finish. Conveniently waterproof for easy maintenance as well as use during bath time.

  • Larger nodules pick up layers of unwanted dirt
  • Hair won’t get stuck in teeth
  • Softer nodules are gentle on sensitive areas
  • Waterproof for easy maintenance and use during bath time
  • This item comes in assorted colours and may not deliver as shown

Item #:GRO0016
Reg. $4.61
Smaller size fits comfortably into the young, budding equestrian's hand.

Created for the younger equestrian enthusiast, the junior body brush is the perfect addition to any grooming collection. Created with a soft bristle design, this brush can be used over the horse’s body, including the legs. Featuring a two- tone coloured bristle construction, this brush is sure to impress. Complete with a wooden and natural lacquered back and hand belt for comfort.

  • Smaller construction, perfect for children
  • Two- tone coloured bristle construction
  • Wooden back
  • Hand belt

Item #:GRO4769
Reg. $4.22
Sized perfectly for little hands, perfect for young riders to use on their ponies.

Sized perfectly for little hands, the Supra Junior Body Brush is perfect for young riders to use on their ponies. Features a solid plastic wooden-look back, a nylon hand strap and soft bristles.

  • Sized for small hands
  • Wooden-look plastic back
  • Nylon hand strap
  • Soft bristles

Item #:GRO1012
Reg. $4.22
Smaller size fits perfectly into the young, budding equestrian's hand for use on their pony.

This is a great dandy brush to keep your mount clean all year long. The small size back of this is perfect for smaller hands. The back strap keeps it conveniently secured to your hand. Complete your grooming kit with this dandy brush! 

  • Small size back
  • Stiff bristles
  • Back strap

Item #:GRO1011
Reg. $4.22
Stiff long bristles flick dust and dirt away from the coat.

Featuring stiff bristles that are ideal for everyday grooming; this dandy brush is perfect for removing mud and dirt from the coat without stripping natural oils. Complete with long bristles, this brush will glide over your horses coat with ease, providing an impeccable grooming experience for both groom and horse.

  • Stiff, long bristles
  • Neon
  • Perfect for everyday grooming

Item #:GRO4760
Reg. $6.15
Easily and conveniently whisks dust away from your horse's body.

Used to remove dust and debris from the horse’s coat, this brush is created with stiff bristles that ensure a deep clean. Through the penetration of the coat, this brush is able to effectively cleanse the body before the use of softer brushes throughout the grooming process. Complete with longer bristles, this brush easily and conveniently whisks dust away from your horse’s body.

  • Stiff bristles
  • Long bristles
  • Wooden back

Item #:GRO4768
Reg. $7.68
A densely filled mix of synthetic and natural bristles for a superb polishing action.

A densely filled mix of synthetic and natural bristles for a superb polishing action. Wide wood back and strap.

Item #:GRO1005
Reg. $15.38

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