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No Fly Zone

Strong, durable and breathable fly sheet for every day use.

Strong and durable, our Shedrow Protective Fly Sheet provides excellent protection from flies and insects. Our fly sheet is easy to clean, functional and great for everyday use. Help keep your mount comfortable during turnout with this top notch fly sheet!

  • Shoulder gussets
  • Strong and durable textilene fabric
  • Dries in minutes
  • Resists mildew
  • Crossed biased surcingles
  • Double nylon front straps
  • Deluxe adjustable stretchy leg straps
  • Top quality hardware
  • Expert stitching

Item #:BLC0014
Reg. $92.30
Ideal to help keep pests off your horse's face and ears. Available in a variety of colours.

SHEDROW FLY VEIL This stylish top quality crochet fly veil is durable and breathable, finished in an array of colours. Gorgeously crafted and provides great fly protection.

Item #:HOR0020
Reg. $16.92
Weatherproof and sweat-resistant fly repellent fights flies, mosquitos, and gnats to end fly frustration.

Absorbine's most advanced ready-to-use fly repellent, weatherproof and sweat-resistant UltraShield provides up to 17 days of protection.  Pleasant citronella scented formula can be used on both horses and ponies, and contains multiple sunscreens and coat conditioners, such as aloe and lanolin. Repels biting flies, mosquitos, and gnats to end fly frustration in the ring, stable, and paddock.

  • Repels biting flies, mosquitos, and gnats
  • Weatherproof
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Up to 17 days of protection
  • Citronella scent
  • Contains sunscreen – not to be used as a sunscreen when no fly issue is present
  • Contains several coat conditioners including aloe and lanolin 

Item #:STP0024
Reg. $22.30
Nylon tassels keep bugs away from eyes.

This fly fringe features easy latch Velcro closures at sides to fit most bridle sizes and is created from 100% nylon.

-          Loops through your halter

-          Keep flies away from eyes and face

Item #:HOR4157
Reg. $7.68
Revolutionary lightweight nylon mesh fly sheet helps shield your horse from flies and UV rays.

Revolutionary lightweight nylon mesh with UV reflective coating helps shield your horse from flies and UV rays, with unrestricted breathability. Attached hood and belly band offers full coverage to provide your horse with the ultimate defense against biting flies. Featuring gussets at several points, antibacterial lining in the hood and across the shoulders, the Sirocco is a must-have fly sheet for the hottest days of summer.

  • Revolutionary lightweight nylon
  • UV reflective outer helps keep horses cooler than traditional fly sheets
  • Attached hood and belly band
  • Several gussets for enhanced comfort
  • Non-static antibacterial lining over the mane
  • Double lined with non-static antibacterial material over withers and shoulders
  • Quick-release front buckles and heavy-duty elastic surcingles
  • Oversized tail flap with elasticized tail strap
  • Adjustable nylon leg straps included

Item #:BLC3057
Reg. $115.38
Mesh shields eyes from UV rays and flies.

Keeps flys off the face as well as dust, dirt and debris. Sizes: X-Large, Large Horse, Full, Arabian, Yearling or Foal/Pony.

Item #:HOR5025
Reg. $13.84
Breathable sheet with hood to protect from flies and sun bleaching.

Protect your horse from flies and sun bleaching while keeping them cool in Shedrow’s Air Flow Sheet with Hood. Mesh panels allow for air to flow through the sheet on even the hottest summer days. Features a detachable hood, hidden surcingle, and adjustable leg straps.

  • Protects from flies and sun bleaching
  • Mesh keeps horse cool
  • Detachable hood
  • Hidden surcingle
  • Adjustable leg straps

Item #:BLS4044
Reg. $84.61
Full coverage fly mask, complete with ears & nose cover.

The Shedrow Deluxe Fly Mask features extra protective coverage that covers right down to your horses nostrils protecting nose from sunburn.  Complete with sturdy Velcro closure, ear cover and opening for forelock.

  • Extra protective coverage
  • Covers right down to nostrils
  • Sturdy Velcro closure
  • Ear cover
  • Opening for forelock

Item #:HOR5162
Reg. $15.38
Features a stretchy insert above the withers to help avoid friction while grazing.

The Shedrow Extend-A-Neck Fly Sheet is constructed from a soft, tight weave mesh designed to provide the ultimate protection against flies and bugs for your horse.  Total freedom of movement whilst retaining the important close fit needed for fly problems.  A clever stretchy gusset inserted between the rug and neck cover keeps the horse comfortable when grazing and helps prevent rubs by allowing free movement for the horse.

  • Soft, tight weave mesh
  • Ultimate protection against flies and bugs
  • Freedom of movement with a stretchy gusset
  • Important close fit needed for fly problems

Item #:BLC3040
Reg. $84.61

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