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Elastics at both ends with 1/2" felt center covered with fleece, attached to 3" wide nylon. Stitched with UV resistant thread. Black, White or Brown. Sizes: 44"-54". SPECIAL ORDER.

Item #:RIE3630
Reg. $38.45

Open bridle-allows the horse to see in all directions. Does not include bits.

Item #:HNP5614
Reg. $134.62

Featherweight Synthetic Blinds

Item #:HNP5624
Reg. $61.53
Treat your horse to a tasty snack this holiday season!

Treat your horse to a tasty snack this holiday season! Greenline NickersTM Holiday Treats feature a deliciously festive peppermint scent and flavour your horse is sure to love. Whether feeding after a great ride or just because, spoil your horse with NickersTM – the treat they ask for by name!

  • Delicious treat horses ask for by name
  • Festive peppermint scent and flavour
  • 300gms

Item #:SUV8710
Reg. $4.61

Shedrow Ballistic No-Turn Over Reach Boot

Item #:BOB2721
Reg. $30.76
Durable nylon halter with striped webbing decoration with an adjustable crown and nose.

Durable nylon halter detailed with digital printed webbing decoration. Features a neat rolled throat latch and looped on durable brass plated snap for quick and convenient use. Fully adjustable crown and chin strap offer a more customizable fit for your horse.  

  • Doubled nylon halter with digital printed webbing
  • Rolled throat latch
  • Looped on brass plated snap
  • Adjustable crown and chin strap

Item #:HAH4924
Reg. $30.76

Shedrow Young Horse Fetlock Boots

Item #:BOE2801
Reg. $30.76
Metal hoof pick with vinyl grip handle.

Basic metal hoof pick with vinyl covered handle. A staple in every grooming kit!

  • Stainless Steel
  • Assorted Colours
  • Vinyl Covered Handle
  • This item comes in assorted colours and may not deliver as shown

Item #:GRO4380
Reg. $1.15

Wahl Hoof Pick

Item #:GRO4849
Reg. $.00

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