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Junior Show Package

Product Code : PKG0039

Sale: $206.92
Reg. $265.34

  • Developed for the junior competitor, the Junior Show Package ensures you will be looking your best for competition. Created with all of the key pieces required for junior competition, including Jodhpurs and Jodhpur knee straps, this package ensures you will look your best. Package includes (size options available at checkout):

    • Auken Nouvelle II Zip Paddock Boots (FTW0012)
    • Elation All Purpose Summer Gloves (DRC0492)
    • Elation Platinum Show Jacket - Kids'(DRC6936)
    • Elation Platinum Wrap Collar Show Shirt (DRC7595)
    • Elation Red Label Jodhpur (DRC7580)
    • Val du Bois Leather Jodhpur Knee Straps (DRC6878)

    *Helmet NOT included.

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