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Shedrow Thermawix Cooler

Product Code : BLS4028

Sale: $76.92
Reg. $115.38

  • Fabric consists of a triple layer system, which is exceptional in maintaining the optimum temperature of your horse. The outer layer is made from a tight knit blend of wool and acrylic, which offers warmth, wind resistance and durability. The middle layer is Therma-Dry filler, which is the ultimate in thermal insulation and has superb wicking capabilities. The inner layer is designed for warmth and comfort and also wicks moisture away quickly towards the outer layer, ensuring the horse does not become chilled. Innovative design ensures excellent shape retention properties. Features include front buckle closure and cross-biased surcingles.

    • Triple layer system
    • Outer layer of wool and acrylic
    • Middle layer of Therma-Dry
    • Inner layer is moisture wicking
    • Excellent shape retention
    • Front buckle closure
    • Cross-biased surcingles