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EcoLicious In Control Braiding Cream 246mL

Product Code : STS9739

Price: $16.92

  • Provides subtle hold and allows for good grip, making it an excellent mane styling and setting tool that is invaluable in training manes to lie flat. This cream’s banana extract smooths and softens while the rosemary leaf extract promotes healthy mane and tail growth. Also containing Shea Butter and rich essential vitamins A, E and F, EcoLicious In Control Braiding Cream helps to revitalize and return luster to dry hair by penetrating deep into hair shaft and restoring elasticity, while also having a delightful scent of Sweet Orange.

    • Provides subtle hold
    • Allows for good grip
    • Smooths and softens
    • Promotes healthy mane and tail growth
    • Helps revitalize dry hair
    • Sweet Orange scent

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