EcoLicious Blinded By The White Shampoo 476mL | STS9737 | Greenhawk

EcoLicious Blinded By The White Shampoo 476mL

Product Code : STS9737

Price: $19.22

  • Anyone who owns a light coloured horse knows it’s next to impossible to get and keep them clean. This whitening shampoo uses the natural lightening power of lemon juice and lemon peel oil. In combination with glycerine it whitens, brightens and conditions the coat, mane and tail. Like other EcoLicious products, it does double duty by conditioning the hair, and its lemon properties provide uplifting aromatherapy that doesn’t attract insects. Packaged in 100% recycled plastic.

    • Lemon juice and lemon peel whitens
    • Glycerine conditions
    • Lemon scent will not attract insects
    • Packaged in 100% recycled plastic