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EcoLicious Silky Conditioner 476mL

Product Code : STS9736

Price: $24.61

  • Organic Hemp Oil full of essential fatty acids & vitamin E together with ultra-moisturizing Glycerin nourish and condition the coat and help detangle and soften dry and tangled manes and tails in need of some serious TLC. Silk Powder derived from a pure Silk Worm Cocoon helps restore natural luminosity and makes your horse’s coat silky soft. The combo of Tea Tree Essential Oil, known for promoting healthy skin, and Sweet Orange Essential Oil, with its delightful and cheerful scent, keep it smelling like summer holidays and fun in the sun anytime of the year. All natural, human grade, silicone free ingredients with a non-slip finish. Packaged in 100% recycled plastic.

    • Organic Hemp Oil and glycerin nourish and condition the coat
    • Silk Powder helps restore natural luminosity
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil promotes healthy skin
    • Sweet Orange Essential Oil for scent
    • All natural, human grade, silicone free ingredients
    • Non-slip finish
    • Packaged in 100% recycled plastic