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Absorbine Showsheen Finishing Mist 425gm

Product Code : STS0222

Price: $10.76

  • Absorbine Showsheen is the original hair polish and detangler that has added Pro-Vitamins to nourish the coat and Sillk Proteins to strengthen the mane and tail hair. The unique formula provides the horse owner with an unsurpassed multi-purpose grooming aid. Showsheen coats each shaft of hair to keep manes and tails tangle free, while its conditioning action reduces static, leaving the coat smooth and sleek.  Absorbine Showsheen repels dirt, dust and stains keeping your horse cleaner for longer. Use of this product can reduce grooming time by up to 80%.  The Finishing Mist is Showsheen in a can that provides a continuous spray from a bag of product held within. Providing quick and even coverage this non-aerosol spray can even be used upside down.

    • Hair polish and detangler
    • Added vitamins and proteins
    • Reduces static
    • Repels dirt, dust and stains
    • Continuous spray
    • Can be used upside down