Shedrow Comfort Gel Front Riser Pad | RIE6709 | Greenhawk

Shedrow Comfort Gel Front Riser Pad

Product Code : RIE6709

Price: $42.30

  • Anatomically shaped to fill high withers and where muscle coverage is minimal, this pad is designed to comfort atrophy, lack of development and muscle imbalance. Suitable for young horses who are still developing or aged horses who experience poor topline development, this pad can also aid horses whose backs have become sensitive over time. Constructed in a dome shape with a center thickness of one inch, this pad features an elastic, all way stretch and a lightweight structure that can be cut to fit your horses specific needs. Providing a discreet yet high degree of shock absorption, this pad is the perfect addition to your existing equipment.

    • Anatomically shaped
    • Perfect for Sensitive Backs
    • Designed to Aid Wither Areas that Experience Atrophy, Lack of Development and Muscle Imbalance
    • Dome Shaped
    • Elastic, All-Way Stretch
    • Lightweight
    • Shock Absorbing
    • Non-Slip