Thorowgood T4 All Purpose Saddle | RIE5221 | Greenhawk

Thorowgood T4 All Purpose Saddle

Product Code : RIE5221

Price: $730.77

  • The Thorowgood T4 is a great option if your horse is neither low nor high-withered, more of a medium withered shape, middleweight horse.  The super-comfy deeper seat gives you a little extra in-saddle security and locates you centrally for balance and control.  This versatile saddle has a forward cut to allow for jumping and cross country as well as schooling and hacking.  The fully adjustable knee and calf blocks provide customized leg support.  Compatible with the adjustable Thorowgood R-bar.  The luxurious suede-effect seat covering and knee pads are non-slip and really comfortable to ride on.  The saddle is flocked with 100% British wool.

    • Designed for medium withered horse
    • Deeper seat
    • Great for jumping, schooling or hacking
    • Adjustable knee and calf blocks
    • Suede-effect seat covering and knee pads
    • Compatible with Thorowgood's R-bar
    • 100% British Wool