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Cashel Exercise Shaped 1in.

Product Code : RIE3525

Sale: $43.80
Reg. $51.53

  • Constructed with a unique closed cell foam that provides outstanding back protection and shock absorbency. They resist slipping. Unlike other cell foam pads, Cashel Cushions will not absorb moisture or lose their impact absorption effectiveness. They will not add unwanted extra water weight to the horse's back. Cashel Cushions conform to the horse's back, relieving pressure points, which may cause soreness and are tapered at the edges to eliminate uncomfortable ridges thus allowing closer contact with the horse. A 'wedge' pad will lift the back portion of your saddle. A 'reverse wedge' pad will lift the front portion of your saddle. Cashel Cushions have ventilating channels to help reduce heat load and discomfort. CASHEL 1" SHAPED EXERCISE PAD.
    • Care
    • Clean when needed
    • Hand wash
    • Lay flat to dry
    • Store flat with nothing on top
    • Use
    • For everyday use
    • During heavy exercise
    • Pair with a saddle pad or blanket
    • Suitable on its own