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Featherweight Complete Package

Product Code : HRS6061

Price: $537.69

  • A quality piece of workmanship, manufactured to the highest of standards at the lowest price in North America. If you're looking for quality, this is it. Comes complete with beta lines & hand holds, blind bridle, double ring head halter in sizes small, medium or large, fleece back pad and buxton in  Black, White, Hunter Green, Royal Blue or Red and couplers. Synthetic.  Please indicate colour and size preferences in the shipping/product information box on the payment page.

    • HNP0002 - Gaitmaster Backpad - Reg.
    • HNP5605 - Gaitmaster Synthetic Blind Bridle
    • HNP5679 - Gaitmaster Double Ring Headhalter
    • HNP5730 - Gaitmaster Buxton Breast Collar
    • HNP5838 - Featherweight Beta Handholds
    • HNP5842 - Featherweight  All Beta Lines
    • HRS0002 - Gaitmaster Harness Component
    • SKY9709 - Gait Master Couplers