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ArcEquine Therapy System- Complete Kit

Product Code : HOR5203

Price: $534.62

  • The Essential Role of Your Veterinarian

    The care and maintenance of your horse’s health is a significant responsibility and not one that should be taken lightly. The competitive horse of today is often exposed to heavy training schedules as well as the stresses of our modern-day environment. Regular consultation with your vet is important and well worth the time and effort. They are an essential partner in the care and maintenance of your equine companion. In the interests of managing day-to-day costs and administering to minor concerns, a well-informed horse owner can provide good daily care for their animal and manage costs at the same time. However, when I doubt or with occurrences that are in any way non-routine, please consult directly with your veterinarian. Greenhawk does not offer advice with regard to veterinary matters or health care products.