Shedrow Breakaway Halter W/ Fleece | HAH4808 | Greenhawk

Shedrow Breakaway Halter W/ Fleece

Product Code : HAH4808

Price: $34.61

  • Constructed from durable, doubled nylon, this Shedrow halter is made tough to stand up everyday barn wear and features a leather breakaway at the left hand side of the crownpiece in case of an incident. The Shedrow Breakaway Halter includes fleece at the nose and crown with fleece lining on the cheek pieces for all day comfort. Finished with matte plated hardware.

    • Durable, Doubled Nylon
    • Leather Breakaway Piece (Replaceable)
    • Fleece Nose & Crown
    • Fleece Lined Cheek Pieces
    • Matte Plated Hardware