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HandsOn Gloves

Product Code : GRO4814

Sale: $26.92
Reg. $30.76

  • Revolutionary grooming gloves can be used wet or dry for an enhanced grooming experience. Feature a five-finger design, a flexible palm with scrubbing nodules, and a Velcro tab at the wrist for a secure fit. Soft and flexible grooming gloves can be used dry to loosen dirt and excess hair from your horse’s coat. Tactile touch gently cleans sensitive areas like legs, faces, ears and tight body contours. As dirt and hair accumulates, simply flick your wrist to shake it off and then return to grooming. Also excellent for bathing as it is easy pick up hoses, buckets and bottles as you bathe while keeping your hands and nails completely clean. Thanks to the nodules on the gloves, you can easily work shampoos and conditioners into your horse’s coat.

    • Five finger design with Velcro at the wrist
    • Easily pick up buckets, hoses, bottles and more
    • Flexible palm with scrubbing nodules
    • Gentle on sensitive areas
    • Flexibility allows you to clean tight body contours
    • Ideal for lathering shampoos and working in conditioners
    • Also suitable for use on dogs and cats

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