Oster Wide #10 Blade | GRO4524 | Greenhawk

Oster Wide #10 Blade

Product Code : GRO4524

Price: $36.15

  • Innovative heat-reducing technology and legendary, sharp-cutting performance combine to create a premium clipping blade. Featuring Cryogen-X technology, heat treated carbon steel blade is harder, sharper, and offers greater wear resistance than most blades on the market. Hand lapped for a smooth cut finish, #10 blade leaves hairs 1.5 mm long. Wide width covers a greater surface area for more effcient clipping.

    • Leaves hair 1/16" - 1.5mm
    • Use under Oster universal comb attachments
    • Harder, sharper, and offers greater wear than most other blades
    • Wide width covers more surface area in a single glide