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Junior Grooming Set

Product Code : GRO4519

Price: $13.07

  • Created for the junior equestrian, this package offers 6 grooming tools sized right for smaller hands. Complete with all of the essential grooming tools and a grooming caddy to keep all of your belongings together between uses. Package includes the following items (some colour choices may be available at checkout):

    • Supra Junior Body Brush (GRO1012)
    • Supra Junior Dandy Brush (GRO1011)
    • Supra Mini Rubber Curry Comb (GRO4449)
    • Supra Plastic Mane Comb (GRO4349)
    • Supra Small Grooming Caddy (GRO4785)
    • Supra Soft Touch Hoof Pick (GRO2008)