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Supra Jelly Scrubber

Product Code : GRO0016

Price: $4.61

  • This versatile grooming mitt will help shed your horse’s coat out in the winter, scrub shampoo during bath time, loosen dirt and debris even on sensitive areas, create a mirror-like finish, and beyond! Larger nodules massage the coat and easily pick up layers of unwanted hair. Unlike a regular curry comb, the hair won’t get stuck in teeth; easily knock off dirt and hair as needed to avoid simply spreading it around. The softer, smaller nodules are perfect for removing caked-on dirt on legs and joints and can also be used after currying to brush the coat back in its natural direction, creating a mirror-like finish. Conveniently waterproof for easy maintenance as well as use during bath time.

    • Larger nodules pick up layers of unwanted dirt
    • Hair won’t get stuck in teeth
    • Softer nodules are gentle on sensitive areas
    • Waterproof for easy maintenance and use during bath time
    • This item comes in assorted colours and may not deliver as shown

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