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EcoLicious Minis Gift Box

Product Code : GIF7533

Price: $26.92

  • Ideal for those who aren’t ready to commit to purchasing full sized products. Featuring mini versions of top selling products, this box contains Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo 60mL, Silky Rinse-Out Conditioner 60mL, De-Stress Detangler 60mL, Moisture Maniac Detangler 60mL, and a full size Hands On Barn Hand Lotion 118mL. Featuring cute and easy packaging in an eco-box, the EcoLicious Minis Gift Box is the perfect gift for any horse lover.

    • Mini versions of top selling products
    • Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo 60mL
    • Silky Rinse-Out Conditioner 60mL
    • De-Stress Detangler 60mL
    • Moisture Maniac Detangler 60mL
    • Full size Hands On Barn Hand Lotion 118mL
    • Eco-box