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Breyer Classic Series Boomerang and Abigail

Product Code : GIF7065

Price: $33.07

  • Reenact your favourite scenes from DreamWorks’ Spirit Riding Free! series with this set that features a 7” tall Boomerang with a brushable mane and tail. Abigail is fully poseable and stands 5.75inches tall, and can ride her beloved pinto horse Boomerang! Complete with Boomerang's saddle, bridle, and saddle pad, so all that's needed is your imagination! Also includes a brush so horse lovers can care for Boomerang's lovely mane and tail.

    • 5.75” poseable Abigail doll and 7” Boomerang model
    • Includes a brush to care for Boomerang’s brushable mane and tail
    • Complete with saddle, bridle and saddle pad