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Stacy Westfall Stick and String

Product Code : DRG0907

Price: $53.84

  • This stick and string can be used to help train horses and aid in natural horsemanship techniques.  Designed to be lighter weight than most sticks on the market, yet still durable, this stick will not be heavy during extended use for added comfort.  The string features a double core that provides the right feel, greater accuracy and added durability.  Stick features a leather loop on the end for the attachment of the string.  Stick measures 48 inches long and tapers from .44 inches to .28 inches.  The string is ¼ inches wide and 6 feet long including the popper.

    • Can be used to help train horses
    • Aid in natural horsemanship techniques
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • String features double core
    • Stick features leather loop on end