Foot Huggies Eventer Sock | DRC9215 | Greenhawk

Foot Huggies Eventer Sock

Product Code : DRC9215

Price: $25.38

  • Each pair of socks has a Left and a Right sock designated by the lettering on the outside of the leg. The ventilation weave around the top of the foot and outer calf allows for optimum breathability and the double knit padding on the inside of the calf helps reduce bruising and soreness from the stirrup leather. Perspiration wicking COOLMAX®  fabric keeps you comfortable while the ankle and arch support keep your sock in place where it belongs without bunching. The toe box gradually shrinks with the progression of your toes so as to eliminate bunching in your boot from excess fabric, creating a comfortable and snug fit.

    • Designated left and right sock
    • Ventilation weave around the top of the foot and outer calf
    • Double knit padding helps reduce rubbing
    • Achilles tendon padding
    • perspiration wicking COOLMAX®  fabric
    • Fitted around the toes