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Samshield W-Skin Gloves

Product Code : DRC9190

Price: $101.53

  • The W-Skin gloves feature five different materials layered strategically to provide high performance protection against the cold: the first layer of goatskin leather ensures a functional water- and windproof barrier while providing elegant soft comfort; the second layer incorporates Thinsulate® technology, a breathable and moisture-resistant synthetic microfiber which insulates by trapping cold air molecules; the third layer is a micro-polarfleece that’s as warm as wool but softer, lighter, and easier to wash, as well as hydrophobic for better sweat control. The palm is a combination of a strong suede fabric with real silicone grip and a windproof mesh, offering extreme flexibility and durability on top of exceptional hand-to-horse connection.

    • First layer: goatskin leather for elegance
    • Second layer: Thinsulate® technology for non-bulky insulation
    • Third layer: micro-polarfleece for cozy warmth
    • Top layers: Strong suede and windproof mesh with real silicone grip

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