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Charles Owen J3 Helmet

Product Code : DRC1572

Price: $276.92

  • A favourite for the cross country rider. This helmet is deep fitting and tailored to the rigours of competitive riding. The front of the helmet has been sculpted into a slight upward curve to avoid any interference with the line of vision. The helmet has a narrow, soft padded black leather harness made from water and grease resistant leather. Complete with lacing adjustment at the nape of the neck which allows for a snug, individual fit and ventilation holes for a cooler ride.
    • Deep fitting
    • Upward curved brim
    • Soft padded leather harness
    • Water and grease resistant harness
    • Lacing adjustment at nape
    • Ventilation holes

    • Care
    • Use minimum amount of water to clean
    • Use Charles Owen helmet cleaning products
    • Sensitive to extreme heat and solvents
    • Keep in a well-ventilated area
    • Helmet Disclaimer
    • Greenhawk®, its employees and/or its representatives make no representation or warranty with regard to the adequacy or reliability of any helmet or headgear, nor do we make representation as to the reliability of any helmet specification, safety features, safety rating or safety information referred herein.  No headgear can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts.  The purchaser or user of these helmets should recognize that their use is no guarantee of safety.  No warranty, safety specification or safety rating is implied.  Do not use without reading all instructions available from the manufacturer.  Greenhawk® employees and/or its representatives make no warranties as to the safety or specifications of any helmet.  If you have any questions or concerns about your helmet, please contact the manufacturer.

    • Use
    • For everyday use
    • Suitable for racing or eventing

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