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Dressage Show Package

Product Code : DRC0421

Price: $345.38

  • The Dressage Show Package has all your dressage show essentials available in a convenient package to save you money! Whether you are a junior rider or a seasoned pro, this package has everything you need to get show ring ready. Package includes :

    • DRD0971 - Bib Front Stock Tie
    • DRB7943 - Auken Ravenna Field Boots
    • JEW1270 - Coach House Show Horse Stock Pin
    • DRC0492 - Elation All Purpose Summer Gloves
    • DRC7584 - Elation Platinum Full Seat Breeches
    • DRC6935 - Elation Platinum Show Jacket
    • DRC7594 - Elation Platinum Wrap Collar Show Shirt