Muttluks Snow Mushers | DOG6624 | Greenhawk

Muttluks Snow Mushers

Product Code : DOG6624

Price: $36.92

  • Perfect for snow season, the Muttluks Snow Mushers will help keep your dog’s paws protected! Constructed from 100% recycled rubber, the Snow Mushers are soft on paws and tough on terrain and feature a breathable microfibre outer with an inner fleece lining and flexible rubber soles for additional grip while walking. The self-tightening double wrap secure fastening system and elastic soft cinch fastening allow for a secure fit and extra-large opening provides easy on and off. Complete with reflective detailing for nighttime visibility.

    • 100% Recycled Rubber
    • Breathable Microfibre
    • Fleece Lining
    • Rubber Soles
    • Self-Tightening Double Wrap Secure Fastening System
    • Elastic Soft Cinch Fastening
    • Extra-Large Opening
    • Reflective Detailing
    • “Barefoot” Technology