Muttluks Mud Monsters | DOG6623 | Greenhawk

Muttluks Mud Monsters

Product Code : DOG6623

Price: $36.92

  • Perfect for wet weather use, Muttluks Mud Monsters provide exceptional coverage and protection for your dog’s paws throughout rugged summer conditions. Features breathable mesh fabric with flexible soles and “barefoot” technology allowing them to be comfortable and adaptable to different paw shapes and movements. The boots are self-tightening with a double wrap secure fastening system with an elastic soft cinch for a secure fit and the extra-large opening allows for easy on and off. Complete with reflective accents for nighttime visibility.

    • Rugged Summer Boots
    • 100% Recycled Rubber
    • Breathable Mesh Fabric
    • “Barefoot” Technology
    • Self-Tightening
    • Double Wrap Secure Fastening System
    • Elastic Soft Cinch
    • Extra-Wide Opening
    • Reflective Accents

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