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Pure Bites Chicken 85gm

Product Code : DOG0170

Price: $9.22

  • Pure Bites are one of the best treats for your pet dog considering that it is made from nothing but 100% natural ingredients. This all-natural formula not only helps promote a healthy, shiny coat for your dog but also makes for a delicious treat that your canine buddy will look forward to.

    • Less than 10 calories
    • High in protein 
    • Made with 100% ingredients 
    • Can be used as a treat or a training aid 
    • The treat is freeze dried to lock in valuable nutrients and freshness
    • Made specially for dogs of all ages
    • Free of harsh chemicals
    • Care
    • Store at room temperature
    • Use
    • For training or praising your Canine's
    • Fit
    • 85g