Equifit D-Teq Front Boot | BOE2748 | Greenhawk

Equifit D-Teq Front Boot

Product Code : BOE2748

Price: $230.00

  • Constructed with cutting edge technology and a pioneering design, the Equifit D-Teq Front Boots provide exceptional protection with their virtually unbreakable outer shell. The shell is created from ultra strong and rigid foam to help distribute force on impact while still allowing necessary flexibility. The D-Teq Front Boots feature 1 ¼” wide straps to aid in the elimination of pressure points. These boots offer great fit, support and anti-microbrial, easy to wash and breathable ImpacTeq™ liners to absorb extreme impact. Complete with open-cell, non-newtonian foam that transforms from soft to rigid upon impact and multi-dimensional air mesh for air flow and circulation promotion.

    • Virtually Unbreakable Outer Shell
    • Ultra Strong & Rigid Foam Shell Construction
    • 1 ¼” Wide Straps
    • Great Fit & Support
    • Anti-Macrobial & Easy to Wash
    • Breathable ImpacTeq™ Liners
    • Open-Cell, Non-Newtonian Foam
    • Coloured Piping